Talks by Enrico Oliva (2005 – 2011)


Seminar Using Metalogic Approach to Build Software Systems at the department of Informatica ApplicataUniversita’ degli studi di Urbino (8/3/2011) by Enrico Oliva


Interactive Graphical Maps for Infocenter via Model to Model Transformation. (29/9/2009) Talk by Enrico Oliva


Model-driven Generation of Graphical Maps for e-Contents (18/11/2008). Talk by Enrico Oliva

Experiment with Stochastic Prolog as Simulation Language (10/07/2008). Talk by Enrico Oliva

Argumentation and Artifact for Dialogue Support (12/05/2008). Talk by Enrico Oliva

Argumentation and Artifacts for Intelligent Multi-agent Systems (07/04/2008). PhD Presentation by Enrico Oliva


Using Eclipse in Building Model-driven e-Learning Supports (05/10/2007). Talk by Enrico Oliva


Web Services Choreography and Choreography Description Language WS-CDL (01/09/2005). Seminar by Enrico Oliva

A Framework for Engineering Interactions in Java-based Component Systems (28/08/2005). Talk by Enrico Oliva